A downloadable game for Windows

"Social Justice Butterfly" is an 8-bit SHMUP (Shoot 'Em Up) that is reminiscent of a bygone era (a well-planned design decision, completely unrelated to the fact that we couldn’t find an artist), heavily inspired by Jessica’s love of arcade SHMUPs and our mutual desire to playfully poke fun at people who take things too seriously.

The player takes the role of Violet, the wearer of an experimental battle suit (codenamed “Butterfly”) who is tasked with destroying inequality in media; a task that will take her across the world to the very heart of the problem…

The version we have submitted contains the first level and the basic mechanics. We plan to continue working on the game after submission, adding multiple new levels and difficulties, alternate fire and ship unlocks.

All sounds, sprites, music, etc. created by Jessica Quillian and Adam Gould.

Got feedback? Criticism? Outrage? You can find us on Twitter!


Install instructions

Extract all files from the .zip, and run SJB_Game.exe to play!


Social Justice Butterfly - WATHTA Build.zip 16 MB